Pre-temporada with Levante UD

Although I’ve been in Valencia, Spain for a little over a month, the real fun began last Thursday. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love working at IVRE + (Institut Valencian de Recuperacio Esportivo) on any given day. I am here studying the different sports medicine techniques that the cardiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, traumatologists, physicians, podiatrists and surgeons use on a daily basis. The work atmosphere is great and although it sounds cheesy, the medical team  is truly a team, always working to ensure that their patients receive top quality care with their tight knit medical network.

For the past month, I’ve been functioning as a fly on the wall that watches procedures, assists with preparation and translates many documents for some of the high profile athletes that prefer english. However, Thursday marked the beginning of pre-season for Levante UD, a first division professional team in Valencia. I was fortunate enough to assist with more than 20 stress tests and nutritional intakes over the course of two days and I’m so excited to continue to assist and to learn as the pre-season intensifies and the second teams begin practice as well (I was also fortunate enough to make it onto the Levante website, see link below).

I am so proud to say that I am lucky enough to learn from these intelligent doctors and physical therapists who treat every patient equally. From what I witnessed, every patient at IVRE is equally important and treated like a top-tier athlete. This was an incredible, but predictable, observation to make. Over the course of two days I was able to see how important and beneficial it is to have a medical clinic that includes professionals from every field that pertains to the specialty (such as a sports psychiatrist and surgeon all in the same building). Since the IVRE team all work at the same clinic, they are able to talk face-to-face about any concerns they may have about their patients. In terms of the soccer club, this means that the traumatologist can tell the podiatrist about a player’s past injury before the podiatrist creates cleat inserts, which could make all the difference in terms of comfort and injury prevention. I am also so happy that I am in Valencia for two months so I am have the opportunity to see many of the patients complete their recuperation progress.

Look forward to another post coming within the next week from a conference in Seville!


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