My summer in Frankfurt and London

Halo Freunde!! Cheers mate!! My name is Amiansu Khanal, and I am writing to you from London, England. I interned in LPA GmbH- a fin-tech (financial technology) consultancy firm this summer. I worked at the head office in Frankfurt for the first month, thereafter, I worked in the newly found location of London for the second month.

I had an excellent experience working for LPA, I learned a great deal about financial consultancy, software development, financial pricing etc. A consultant’s job mostly revolves around research. In Germany, I worked for the sales department, hence, I did a lot of research on market entry focusing on LPA’s possible points of entry in North and South America. When I was not researching market entries–I managed customer accounts, researched prospective clients etc. Since, I was a native English speaker, as well as had the background of being a tutor in the writing center, I worked very closely with the lead design manager who handled the website revival for LPA. I focused on editing and formatting all of the written content for the website.

In London, my work was the most exciting. I worked closely with the managing partner in building a proposal for a prospective business venture. After 2008, European banks have had to hold a lot of capital for securitized loans. This has ensured safety, but has also slowed the economy. Therefore, the ESMA recently released that European banks can hold lower capital for only safe, secure securitized loans- termed as STS (simple, transparent, standardized) loans. However, there is no software in the market that currently checks if a loan is STS or not. Hence, I helped build a proposed platform with my boss that allows originators, issuers, and end investors to buy and sell STS products, contact ESMA, and check STS eligibility.

Here is a website of the proposed platform that I built:– it is password protected, and unfortunately, I cannot disclose the password.

I have had a great time in my internship, it has been a summer of self discovery- both intellectual, and personal.

Motive Partners is the private equity firm that bought LPA, so in London, I work in the lavish Motive office. It is such a cool space.
Canary Wharf- where I work.

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